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What’s up with the publishing industry? First they want us to write the book, and then they expect us to SELL it?

Yes. This is the new reality in the publishing world, but it’s not all bad news. In fact, the current transformation is one of the best things to ever happen to an author. That is, if you have a strong writing platform.

In fact, by building yourself a strong writer’s platform, you put yourself in the driver’s seat. Not only will it assist you in your efforts to acquire an agent and to get published through traditional channels, but it can turbocharge your goals in e-books, self-publishing, product sales and speaking.

Writing Platforms
So what exactly is a writing platform and why is it critical to your success?

From a book publisher’s perspective, the bottom line is they want to know how well your book is going to sell. Simply put, a platform is the power a writer has to influence readers to buy their book. If you’re a celebrity–famous or infamous–you’re going to have a strong platform to launch a book.

For those of us who aren’t among the super-famous, we need to create our own celebrity. We need to build our own platforms.

And since this takes time to do, we need to start at the beginning of our writing career, not wait until we get the “big break.” Agents and editors are going to expect you to have a platform in place. We need to let people know about us, what we believe and what it is we’re passionate about.

We can do this by putting an ad in the Super Bowl. If we’ve got millions to spare. We can do television and radio interviews, but that is difficult if people don’t know who we are.

That’s Where We Come In
A much more practical and cost-efficient manner for writers is to establish their brand and platform through an interactive, social media rich website. For a few thousand dollars, we can have a world class web presence, built with a well defined brand and centered around an effective social media campaign.

Why Global Studio?
There are quite a few individuals and companies who are willing to build you an author website. Many of these will build you plain vanilla sites for dirt cheap. Another option is to have your cousin, or neighbor or the guy down the block who just bought a new computer build it for you. If you are just toe-dipping about your interest for writing, this might be an okay place to start.

However; if you really are serious about establishing a writing career, you need to make the right decision in who you choose to assist you in building your brand. This really takes experience and a unique skill set that few web designers possess.

Since 1998, Global Studio has been blessed to work with hundreds of companies and individuals throughout the nation in developing marketing strategies, websites and interactive campaigns. We have experience in all aspects of advertising and marketing. Our Emmy and Telly Award winning programs have reached more than 30 million people.

Global Studio owner Michael K. Reynolds, who is an author himself, decided to open up his company’s services to writers because he felt there was a real need for high-end work.  That’s why you’ll benefit from the power of an award-winning studio to help you launch your efforts.

Does This Mean Guaranteed Success
Absolutely not. Your ideas, your commitment, your work and your talent ultimately will make the difference. Our website will not make your writing any better.

But if you have good ideas and the talent to back them up, we’ll be able to give you a major boost in professionally sharing your message with the world.

Are You Ready For Some Big-Time Help?
Take your time in reviewing our site and learning more about who we are and what we can do for you. If you like what we have to say and you think we might be a fit, fill out our form, send us an e-mail or call us on our toll-free line. We’llWr be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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