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On Writing and Dog Food

ShareIt’s a dog’s world out there when it comes to getting published and selling books. You feel as if you’re always in the doghouse, covered with the fleas of rejection and sadly there’s a good chance you might never get … Continue reading

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Writing Through The Storms

ShareAuthoring a novel is one of the craziest things a writer could ever do. For each book that makes it on a shelf at the bookstore, there are thousands of other broken hearts. Books which have been the life dream of so many … Continue reading

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Donkey Breath

ShareOne of the things about taking on the task of writing a book…or starting a business…or something similar like deciding you want to be an Olympic curler, is you’ve always got to deal with the donkey. Eeyore, A.A. Milne’s beloved … Continue reading

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How Writers Can Deliver The Perfect Pitch

ShareThere is only one way a great idea can get from a cocktail napkin to changing the world–at some point it’s got to be pitched. If you’re a writer, you need to pitch your ideas to agents and editors. If … Continue reading

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Writing Career Tips From American Idol

ShareAlthough the ratings ofAmerican Idol have been on a gradual decline, the popularity of the program is still astounding. The idea of some undiscovered talent making it to the bright lights and big city will always draw an audience. Since the … Continue reading

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Winning At Writers Conferences

ShareIn the publishing business no-one gets “discovered” anymore. It’s your job to be found. Most agents, editors and seasoned writers will share that a writers conference is the best way to make this happen. Business has always been about relationships … Continue reading

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How I Got My Literary Agent

ShareMy journey to acquire a literary agent began with arrogance and ignorance. It took a lesson in humility to reach the coveted prize. I’ve been blessed to be represented by Janet Kobobel Grant of Books & Such Literary Agency. Janet is … Continue reading

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